Brisbane Lawnton Pole Dancing Classes

Studio Etiquette

During your visit to the studio it is a requirement that you do all that is reasonable to minimise the risk of harm to yourself and others. Ensure that you have read the Studio Etiquette Guidelines below before engaging in any activity on or off the pole and/or in the studio.

  1. Follow all reasonable directions given by staff.
  2. Always be encouraging and supportive towards fellow students.
  3. Do not engage (or assist others) in activities that are dangerous and beyond your (or their) limits.
  4. Unless you are an instructor or employee, you are not permitted to teach moves/tricks to fellow students.
  5. Do not engage in activity on the poles if you have been drinking alcohol or taking any medication/drugs to the point that your safety (or safety of others) may be affected.
  6. Do not increase your (or other people’s) risk of incident by wearing products (such as moisturiser, fake tanning product, and some hair and makeup products) that come off onto the poles making them slippery.
  7. Do not attempt any moves/tricks in attire that is not safe and suitable for that move/trick.
  8. Always warm up before your session and cool down (stretch) after your session effectively.
  9. Always start your session by wiping down your pole with a towel and methylated spirits and repeat this process at the end of your session – making sure to remove all residue of chalk and/or other substances.
  10. When using the poles, be aware and mindful of those around you so as to avoid collisions.
    Always ensure that you have a crash matt and ‘spotter’ if you are attempting a dangerous or new move/trick that you have not yet safely and consistently ‘mastered’
  11. If there is an incident, you are required to let a staff member know. Even if you are in doubt as to whether the incident is serious or not, you must let a staff member know so that they can assess whether First Aid is required and/or whether an Incident Report might need to be filled out.
  12. Our staff are qualified in First Aid. You must follow the directions of staff in case of an accident or incident that required First Aid and follow all instructions required for filling out an Incident Report.
  13. If you need to use the First Aid Kit, please make sure that the most qualified person available attends to any First Aid scenario and ensure that you have advised a staff member of what you have taken so that it can be replaced
  14. Children. As we are unable to provide child minding facilities If you bring children to the studio they are your responsibility. For the safety and wellbeing of all our students and your Children they must not run around the studio or car park. Children must remain seated in the waiting area or on the very edge of the studio. If your child disrupts classes or their behaviour is seen as potentially harmful to themselves and/or others, you will be asked to take your child from the Studio.
  15. Children. If your child is participating in Aerials they must remain seated behind the blue mat or bench seats, unless otherwise instructed.
  16. Parking. Please do not park in front of or use any of the car parks of the Air Conditioning Business next door during normal business hours Mon-Fri 8-5pm and Saturdays 8-12pm. After 5pm Weekdays it is fine to use all parks.
  17. Students can post a video of themselves doing a routine online but if someone else appears in the video then they must have that persons permission first before posting publicly.
  18. Students are not allowed to post videos of instructors doing routines, unless they have given permission. Instructors are welcome to put up a video of themselves doing a routine.