Brisbane Lawnton Ipswich Pole Dancing Classes


Is there an Age Limit for Pole Dancing Classes?

Yes. Our minimum age is 16years to join the open pole dancing classes, however we do not have a maximum age limit

Do you have to be Fit and Strong to Start?

No. With Pole Dancing you develop your strength along the way. In every class we do strength and conditioning to help you develop the strength you need to execute the tricks safely.


We have women of all sizes who start Pole Dancing, it is about mindset and the commitment over the term that will see your tone and your strength increase.

What do you wear to Aerial Classes?

The opposite of Pole, you need to wear long tights to protect your skin.

What do you wear to Casual Classes?

If you are attending a fitness based Casual Class then you will require gym wear.  If you are attending a Sexy Heels class it is recommended that you bring along a pair of heels, these don’t need to be stilettos, however we do sell Pleaser Heels at reception.  It is also wise to invest in a pair of knee pads for some of the booty or heels classes to protect your knees.

Am I too old to Pole Dance?

No one is ever too old. The ages we have at the studio range from 16-70years old, so long as you are young at heart and have the will to learn we are hear to teach you.

What else do I need to know before my first Pole Dancing Class?

Moisturiser is NOT YOUR FRIEND! As you require skin to stick to the pole, if you moisturise the night before or the day of, you may be silky smooth but you will soon be frustrated at the lack of grip.


Just remember everyone in your class is in the same boat as you, a little nervous, not sure what to expect, varying levels of fitness.  You are there to have fun, and everyone has to start somewhere…. even our Instructors! But you will soon learn that Elements is a close knit group, and you will quickly form friendships and you will be encouraged by your fellow class members when you achieve a new move or nail the routine!